Personal Travel Itineraries

Personal Travel Itineraries

Authentic travel experiences 100% customized to your specific interests, carefully planned to make your trip worthwhile. Love travelling? But hate the research? or do not have time for it? Well, you just pack your bags; leave the rest to me! As a compulsive travel planner, I make personalized itineraries from scratch. I have an extensive network of travel experts around the globe that helps me put across minutest of details for the destinations you wish to visit. I can suggest destinations, help you plan a solo, couple or family trips in your budget.

An email, or a conversation to share as much information as you can. Let me know where you want to go, how many days, how many people, want to visit specific places on specific dates or some definite things that you want to do. Give me all the details that you can think of that might be useful for me to create a personalized itinerary for you.

I might have questions once I have gathered all details from you. I will email you those to ensure that I know what you are looking for. Once I am clear, I will make the first draft for your travel itinerary.

I will include activities, mode of travel, sightseeing spots, restaurants, accommodations, tips on local travel and a map with all locations pinned. Read carefully so that you can ask questions if any.

I will be happy to make as many modifications as you want at this stage. take your time to ask all the questions, the silliest ones! I will make sure to address all of them.

I will make all the desired changes and make it a fully personalized itinerary as per your preferences. This will be a PDF that you can download and keep or print when you are travelling.

“Okay to board!” I will make all the bookings for the trip once you pay the full charges (no middleman involved) and share all travel vouchers that you can print or keep in your phone.

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